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Why Do a Fertility Cleanse?

There are many different scenarios where a fertility detox can be of benefit. If you are actively trying to have a baby but you haven’t gotten pregnant yet, a fertility detox can help restore proper balance to the hormones that control your fertility and help you attain your dream of a baby. If you are planning ahead and have no known fertility issues, a fertility detox can be insurance that your future baby isn’t pre-polluted with unwanted toxins. If you are planning to nurse your baby, detoxing up until the time you achieve pregnancy will reduce toxins that can be passed through your breastmilk.

FertileDetox is designed to improve fertility and promote the health of a baby by helping with efficient elimination of environmental toxins from the body. This unique and comprehensive formula includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and special ingredients that support the body’s own detoxification and cleansing systems.

What is an Environmental Toxin?

Many Everyday Products are a Threat to Fertility and Baby

A toxin is defined as any compound that has a harmful effect on the structure and/or function of cells. We are constantly exposed to toxins: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the personal products (shampoos and cosmetics) and the cleaning supplies we use often contain harmful chemicals. And, unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that there is an end in sight to this toxic assault.

Here are a few disconcerting facts:

  • of the 87,000 chemicals registered for commerce in the United States, only one-tenth have been tested at all for any potential health effects.
  • only a small percentage of those tested have been evaluated for their impact specifically on reproductive health.
  • according to the National Toxicology Program, approximately 2000 new chemicals are introduced into the US market place each year with no requirement that manufacturers (with the exception of a few classes of chemicals) prove that these chemicals are safe.

Even worse is the fact that consumers are left to do their own label research and determine which hazardous chemicals are lurking in their everyday products. Scents can be considered trade secrets and consequently hundreds of ingredients can be lumped together under the heading of “fragrance.” Procter & Gamble recently took a step towards transparency by making public a list of more than 140 chemicals it does not use in any fragrances in its brands. Companies must disclose certain active ingredients, or substances that the government considers “chemicals of known concern,” but they aren’t required to list everything in the product. Consumers surely want to avoid products with a “danger” or “warning” label, but those labels aren’t nearly as widespread as they should be.

Can My Body’s Natural Detox Take Care of Unwanted Chemicals?

Everyday Toxic Overload is More Than Your Body's Detox System Can Handle

The human body is beautifully designed to include intricate systems for detoxifying, metabolizing, and eliminating these toxins. The problem arises, however, when these detoxification systems become overburdened and sluggish. Toxins are then allowed to build-up in our tissues and organs where they interfere with normal cellular and metabolic processes.

Even people who have been “living clean” are shocked by the levels of toxins found in their bodies. Unfortunately, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t shield you considering there are so many things out of our control such as car dashboards, airline seats, and cash register receipts to name just a few. Studies have shown that the average American has roughly 91 chemicals in their bodies that shouldn’t be there. These chemicals are ready and waiting to pass through the placenta and harm a fetus. The evidence is compelling that everyone, regardless of their lifestyle, can benefit from a detox.

   Did you Know? Taking some “you” time to drink some tea and lower your stress is beneficial. FertiliTea is an all-natural and organic tea to increase your chances of conception.

What Impact Does Exposure to Environmental Toxins Have?

While chronic exposure to environmental toxins is known to have a wide range of detrimental health effects, research shows that our reproductive health may be especially susceptible to the impact of these chemicals. The field of reproductive toxicology is focused specifically on determining how environmental toxins contribute to the diseases, disorders and conditions that impact the male and female reproductive systems across all stages of life. Research in this area shows that environmental toxins are responsible, at least in part, for reduced fertility, impotence, menstrual disorders, pregnancy complications, low birth weight and infant and child development issues.

When discussing the impact of harmful toxins on fertility, reproductive toxicologists talk most frequently about chemicals known as “endocrine disrupters.” Endocrine disrupters are natural or synthetic chemicals that alter the body’s normal hormonal activity. The endocrine system of the body includes the pancreas, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, ovaries and testes, all of which are responsible for producing hormones that control specific physiological processes in a very precise manner. Learn more about how endocrine disrupting chemicals alter your fertility and endanger your baby.

How Does FertileDetox Help to Reduce the Toxic Burden in My Body?

Because of the heavy toll these toxic compounds can exact on our health if they are allowed to build up in our tissues, it is necessary for the human body to devote a significant amount of its resources to removing these dangerous compounds from the body. Consequently, much of the work of the liver and the intestines is devoted specifically to detoxification.

Unfortunately, the liver and intestines are constantly bombarded with toxic chemicals and, at times, are not able to eliminate these compounds before they become locked away in the fatty tissues that are located throughout the body. As a result, chronic exposure to these environmental toxins can impact our overall health, including our reproductive health and fertility: toxic overload can decrease sperm health in men and cause menstrual cycle abnormalities in women, and can also interfere with the healthy development of a growing fetus. Read more about how the ingredients in FertileDetox support the liver and intestines, thereby promoting the efficient breakdown and elimination of toxic chemicals.

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