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When Should I Do a Fertility Detox?

Some of us are planners and some of us not so much. We designed FertileDetox for both the couples who plan ahead and the couples who are in a more spontaneous mode.

Planning Ahead of Pregnancy

The sad fact is that we all have toxins locked away in our fat cells, so it’s never too early to start cleaning up before pregnancy. Starting a detox program before trying to conceive can bring benefits to your fertility such as more regular cycles and improved sperm health. That way when the time is right, you will have improved your chances to conceive in the first couple of months. We recommend that you begin avoidance of toxins, as much as is practical, twelve months ahead of trying to conceive. Starting FertileDetox three to six months ahead of trying to conceive and continuing through to conception will increase your body’s ability to deal with the toxins that simply can’t be avoided.

We Are Already Trying to Conceive – Is It Too Late to Detox?

It’s not too late to use FertileDetox if you are already trying to conceive. We designed FertileDetox to be gentle enough to be used even while trying to conceive, because we know sometimes life comes at you fast. Unlike other fertility cleanse kits, FertileDetox does not require that you abstain from trying to conceive while taking it.

I’m Planning to Nurse – When Should I Detox?

If you are planning to nurse, detoxing your body ahead of conception will add lasting benefits to your baby’s IQ and neurodevelopment. Coupling FertileDetox with OvaBoost in our Endocrine Disrupter Restore Bundle will give your body extra antioxidants to fight the effects of free radicals that occur when toxins hit your body. Read more about the Endocrine Disrupter Restore Bundle.

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