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How Does FertileDetox Compare?

FertileDetox blends modern Western vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals with Eastern herbal supplements to provide a detox solution that is safe, effective, affordable, and accessible. The unique and comprehensive formula includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and special ingredients that support the body’s own detoxification and cleansing systems.

FertileDetox is gentle enough to be used while trying to conceive and does not need to be taken in isolation of other fertility enhancers such as supplements for cycle regulation, egg quality, or sperm health.

A good detox program involves two key areas:

  1. releasing the toxins from cells and tissues
  2. neutralizing and removing them from the body

FertileDetox uses the well-studied herbs of milk thistle, dandelion root, and beet root to support the liver and thereby trigger the release of more toxins than normal. The toxins are then free to circulate in the blood where the body can neutralize and remove them.

In a detox, it is important to offer equal support to the neutralization and removal processes so they can keep up with the accelerated toxin release that results from the liver support herbs. FertileDetox includes antioxidants of vitamins C, E, Zinc, and Selenium to help prevent free radical damage as the free toxins circulate in the blood.

FertileDetox also includes several B vitamins including Folic Acid. These vitamins are known as lipotropic agents, which are compounds that promote fat metabolism and have a decongesting effect on the liver. They help the body convert the released toxins from fat-soluble to water-soluble so that they can then be excreted through urine.

Finally, the intestines play a big role in detoxification, and to do their job well, the intestines must be populated with ample amounts of friendly bacteria. FertileDetox contains citrus pectin and probiotics to support the colonization of friendly bacteria in the intestines, which can help your gut rise to the important job of excreting toxins.

FertileDetox was formulated to enhance fertility in men and women and protect offspring from birth defects by helping the body neutralize and remove the toxic compounds before they can harm fertility or baby.

How Does FertileDetox Compare to Buying Individual Ingredients?

FertileDetox uses safe and effective ingredients formulated by our own team of medical experts and manufactured in FDA-regulated, GMP-certified facilities in the United States. We take the guess work out of figuring the proper dosages that will help you conceive your bundle of joy. We know that the trying-to-conceive journey can be overwhelming and frustrating at times, and confusion and additional costs when purchasing products for your reproductive health only add to the stress.

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