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FertileDetox FAQ

FertileDetox for Women and Men

How much does FertileDetox cost?

One bottle of FertileDetox costs $29.95. Each bottle contains 90 capsules and represents a one-month supply. A 10% discount is extended when 3 or more bottles are purchased at the same time.

Can both women and men take FertileDetox?

Yes, definitely. Build-up of toxins negatively impacts the reproductive health of both men and women, so we recommend that FertileDetox be taken by all people who are trying-to-conceive, regardless of gender. Read about the individual benefits to male and female fertility.

When should I start taking FertileDetox? And how long can I take it?

For optimal results, we recommend that you begin taking FertileDetox a minimum of three months before actively trying to conceive, and continue taking it until pregnancy is achieved. If you are already actively trying to conceive, begin taking FertileDetox at once. Read more about when to take FertileDetox.

Can I combine FertileDetox with FertilAid?

Yes, FertileDetox can be taken in conjunction with FertilAid for Women or FertilAid for Men. FertileDetox contains vitamins, minerals, herbs and special ingredients specifically designed to support detoxification, while FertilAid for Women and Men contain ingredients specifically intended to increase fertility.

Can I combine FertileDetox with other herbal supplements?

FertileDetox does not need to be taken in isolation. As with all supplements, we recommend reading labels to determine any overlap of ingredients and discussing what you take with a medical professional.

Can I combine FertileDetox with fertility medications?

While there are no known contraindications associated with using FertileDetox and prescription fertility medications, we generally recommend that you consult with your prescribing physician before combining dietary supplements with prescription medications.

What is the recommended dosage of FertileDetox?

The recommended daily dosage is 3 capsules. Each bottle includes 90 capsules, a one month supply.

How long will it take to experience the benefits of FertileDetox?

The ingredients in FertileDetox will begin to work immediately to support your liver and intestinal tract, resulting in more efficient elimination and/or breakdown of toxins. Because we are constantly exposed to environmental toxins, we recommend that you continue taking FertileDetox throughout your trying-to-conceive journey.

Can I take FertileDetox while pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

As with most dietary supplements containing herbal ingredients, using FertileDetox during pregnancy and while breastfeeding is not recommended.

What are the ingredients in FertileDetox?

This unique and comprehensive formula includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and special ingredients that support the body’s own detoxification and cleansing systems (specifically the liver and the intestines). These ingredients include milk thistle, dandelion, citrus pectin. For additional information on each ingredient, please see FertileDetox Ingredients.

Are there any other recommendations when taking FertileDetox?

To support the full benefits of FertileDetox, we recommend that you drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. And, in addition, please read suggestions for reducing your exposure to environmental toxins.

How can I be assured of quality?

FertileDetox is an all-natural, doctor-designed dietary supplement. It is manufactured in the United States by a top-tier, GMP-certified facility. FertileDetox is guaranteed for quality and potency.

Should I keep FertileDetox out of the reach of children?

Yes. All dietary supplements and vitamins should be kept out of the reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control center immediately.

Are there any known side effects?

FertileDetox has no known side effects. However, as with any dietary supplement, if you have a pre-existing medical condition or if you are taking any prescription medications, we recommend that you consult your physician before taking FertileDetox.

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