I have been struggling with irregular periods since I started. Everyone told me that it will take some time to become regular. As time went by, my periods still were not regular and the pain was very strong. There would be days where I was unable to even leave my bed because of the pain. Recently I went to a gyn and found out that I have a slight case of PCOS. I wasn’t really sure what that meant and how it could affect me, but then my husband and I decided that we were ready to start trying for a baby. We tried for a few months and were not successful. I spent a lot of money on ovulation test and they would never come back positive at the time I was “supposed to be ovulating”. At that point, I started looking over my calendar of when my periods were happening and I realized that my periods were never cycling consistently. The range would go between 23-42 days. At this time, I was very discouraged. I started doing some research and came upon Fairhaven Health. I read hundreds of positive reviews and was instantly filled with hope. I really liked how each vitamin has a detailed description of what it is useful for. I have been taking the FertileDetox for 2 months now and the Myo-Inositol for a month and I have had my period twice in this time and the pain went down by A LOT! So far I am really liking the result and will continue taking them until we conceive.

*By Riri